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Why Choose LION?

  • Create a Custom Learning Program

    Work with expert advisors to create a custom course plan to meet your academic goals, whether you are a student looking to study abroad or an international student wanting to return home!

  • Gain Personal and Professional Experience

    Fulfill your desire to travel and experience a new culture while still working toward graduation and a fulfilling career – with LION’s accredited international course programs and professional internship opportunities!

  • Learn from World Class Faculty

    Take courses with professors from the world’s most elite universities, such as Harvard, Yale and MIT; in classrooms that bring together a diverse community of people for the ultimate multicultural learning experience!

  • See Family and Make New Friends

    Whether you’re a student looking to leave or return home to study, you’ll find a second family in LION – with a reliable network of staff for support and social activities to connect you with new people from around the world!

    Coursework and Credit Transfer

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    Oftentimes, the hardest part about studying abroad is finding the courses you need to complete your degree - and ensuring they’ll transfer back to your home university. LION simplifies the process with three tried-and-true steps:

  • Course Selection

    A LION advisor will guide you through selecting the courses that best meet your needs. By discussing your goals and objectives for study abroad... one-on-one, we can help you find the right balance between your studies and your travels.

  • Home School Application Assistance

    Each college and university has its own study abroad application process. Our advisors alleviate the hassle by... communicating with your home school and walking you through their process, ensuring all steps and paperwork are properly completed.

  • Credit Transfer Verification Promise

    Every course offered in a LION program follows the North American model and adheres to the highest standards... of academic excellence. This is why academic credits from LION member universities are accepted by universities from around the world. Every student participating in a LION program is protected by our Credit Transfer Verification Promise. This means we’ll help you verify that your academic credits are approved for transfer prior to course enrollment, and we’ll work with your home school to resolve any transfer issues upon completion. If we can't resolve the problem – LION will refund your tuition!